Evacuation Shelters

If an evacuation is ordered in St. Augustine, St. Johns County Emergency Management officials will open designated shelters at public schools throughout the county, including shelters that are pet-friendly and designated for special needs.

If possible, it is always best to evacuate to the home of a friend or family member outside of the evacuation area instead of a shelter. Shelters should be considered the refuge of last resort if there is nowhere else to go.

In the event of an evacuation order, the college will have check-out stations in the Rotunda of Ponce Hall, the first floor lobbies of Lewis House and Cedar Hall, and the Commons building for residents of the FEC Complex. Students who are leaving St. Augustine must sign out before leaving campus.

Students needing transportation should report to one of the check-out tables as soon as possible so ride-sharing groups can form or other arrangements can be made.

For more information on shelters, as well as locations, click here.

To find out which shelters are open if an evacuation order is given, call the St. Johns County Department of Emergency Management at  (904) 824-5550.