For Parents

Flagler College’s focus in the event of any potential natural disaster is the safety and well being of its students, faculty and staff. As such, the college has created a hurricane plan that is activated when storms threaten.

Flagler has had much experience in dealing with major storms, and regularly reviews its hurricane plan.

The college strives to make decisions early enough so that if an evacuation becomes necessary, there is plenty of time to make arrangements to leave the area.

However, if an evacuation is not necessary, the college believes the safest location for students is here on campus, rather than on the roads. 

If an evacuation is necessary, students with cars are encouraged to use their own transportation. For those without cars, the college will transport students to local hurricane shelters as they open.

Please take some time to talk to your student about:

  1. Having a plan for hurricanes and major storms.
  2. Where to go in the event of a storm threatening the area.
  3. Staying in contact with you, as well as the college, about his/her whereabouts.
  4. Downloading the LiveSafe safety app – receive emergency alerts and other security information. Download the LiveSafe app from iTunes or Google Play app stores, signup with your Flagler email and then search for Flagler College.­

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