College Hurricane Plan

In the event a hurricane threatens the St. Augustine area, Flagler College’s president will activate the Flagler College Hurricane Plan. The plan sets out preparation procedures, designates responsibilities to Flagler College administrators and outlines courses of action to be followed in response to a possible hurricane landfall in St. Augustine. 

Based upon a storm’s intensity and predicted point of landfall, the president will decide about the cancellation of classes and whether students will be permitted to remain on campus or be ordered to evacuate.

Depending upon the circumstances, the president may order a limited evacuation affecting only those students with automobiles and whose homes are within a specified radius of St. Augustine.

The execution and direction of the hurricane plan will be the responsibility of the Hurricane Crisis Team consisting of key members of the College administration and staff, including the president, student services, security, news and information, Web services, food services, and others. 

The plan covers responsibilities and courses of action for the following: pre-hurricane season preparation, activation of the Hurricane Crisis Team, notification of a hurricane warning, imminent landfall of a hurricane, evacuation orders, and after a storm subsides. It also covers the pre-stocking of equipment and supplies.